Durcor® Advanced Composite
PTFE Lined Piping System



Advanced Design

The same approach, practice and technique that was used to design this 21st century composite jet fighter was used to design Durcor®’s advanced structural composite fittings. Through Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Durcor® developed its sequence of fiberglass reinforcement placement. It improved Durcor®’s strength to weight ratio especially in areas of critical stress. FEA provided the building blocks that give Durcor® its ultimate in physical properties. All Durcor® fittings carry a 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty against environmental corrosion.


Durcor® fittings are manufactured in two-part closed molds and resin-injected, completely wetting out all fibers. Speed and pressures remain consistent, producing uniform product thickness that is void-free, smooth-surfaced, and ensures that all parts are identical to one another. Durcor® 's manufacturing process also offers health, safety, and environmental control due to enclosed resin injection, which releases fewer volatiles into the atmosphere, as well as offering less exposure to employees during manufacturing.

Durcor vs Competition

Optimized NOT Compromised

PTFE Flare Diameters
Size Flare Dia.
(in) (in) (mm)
1 2.00 50.8
1-1/2 2.88 73.2
2 3.63 92.2
3 5.00 127.0
4 6.19 157.2
6 8.50 215.9
8 10.63 270.0
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10 Year Warranty
  • Durcor® fittings are typically 1/4 the
    weight of alloy PTFE lined fittings.
  • Lower Freight Costs
  • Lower Installed Costs
  • Quicker to Install
  • Safer to Install

Components of Durcor®’s product line are manufactured to established dimensional standards, making them completely interchangeable with other PTFE alloy piping manufacturers.

All PTFE lined products are susceptible to vapor permeation by certain chemicals under certain operating conditions. Through osmosis, Durcor® fittings allow any gas to freely vent without the need for vent holes.

Pressure Ratings
Nominal Pipe Size (in) Max. Pressure @ (-)40°F (psi) Max. Pressure @ 75°F (psi) Max. Pressure @ 300°F (psi)
1 275 275 230
1-1/2 275 275 230
2 275 275 230
3 225 225 175
4 200 200 150
6 175 175 125
8 150 150 100